Christine Brusati, CMT, RMT

Healing and Therapeutic Touch From the Heart


"Christine Brusati is a talented practitioner and healer. She is intuitive, skillful and professional.  Each session with Christine leaves me feeling fully restored - mind, body and spirit." -Lilliana Saganich

"After a massage with Christine, I feel relaxed and renewed. Her holistic approach is refreshing and healing." -Amalia D.

"Christine is well trained in working with medically compromised people. She treated me after my heart surgery and knew all the potential pitfalls. She has the most gentle, yet precise and effective hands I have experienced on my body. Gentle but subtle massage was just what I needed." -Mike, cardiac patient

"I had my best night sleep in over a year after our session." -Ashley H, Massage Therapist, mother of two under the age of two

"I was able to enter a deep state of relaxation. I felt profoundly peaceful afterwards." -Michele F.

"Christine is a wonderful Reiki teacher and practitioner. Being in her presence is an honor and you truly feel the healing energy pouring from her. Her class was full of historical and theoretical information, and her way of teaching is fun and light. I learned how to give Reiki and am now benefiting others. I am so glad that I took her course, and grateful to have learned from a master healer."  -Laura Victov

"Christine’s massage and reiki work is very deep, healing, and effective. Every time I get a massage from her, I feel much better afterwards, physically and emotionally. I mean it when I say that Christine has “healing hands” because she always gives her customer exactly what they need in an incredibly skillful and empathetic way. I highly recommend Christine Brusati and her services.” – Karin Knipphals

"Christine is a compassionate, organized and nurturing teacher who is very passionate about her work. During the training she offered a lot of hands on experience. I have finally been able to use a tool for self healing myself and those around me. My mind, body and soul feel healed and full of love. You are a beautiful gift from the universe. Thank you for teaching others the beauty of giving and receiving."  Rebecca Poole

"Christine has the ability to not only hold a very sacred space for her students but she balances it with a wicked sense of humor and I really appreciate that - this doesn't have to be so serious or rigid! I look forward to continuing my work with Christine, whether it be for additional Reiki classes, Reiki Share Groups, or for my own personal Reiki Healing sessions." – MaryAnne Pollack








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